Prescription Refill Form

Please use this form to request your pet’s prescription refill. Allow at least 48 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) for your
order to be processed and await our confirmation for pick up. Prescription refills orders are not confirmed until you have received
notification from one of our staff members (by phone or email). Please do NOT attend the clinic until you have received this confirmation.

Many prescriptions require your pet to be examined or do other tests (i.e. bloodwork) before refilling the medication. This ensures that your
pet is healthy enough to handle any of the potential side effects of some prescriptions and also provides further confirmation that the medication
is appropriate and at the correct dose for your pet’s current condition. We require that a veterinarian has seen your pet within the
year (this is a mandated requirement).

Some medications may require additional time to process by our team (i.e. special orders, compounded medications),
we appreciate that you are notifying us early for these special orders.

Prescription Refills

Request a prescription refill for your pet.

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